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W e have been providing Automatic Horse Feeders to the Equine Community since 2004. Our products have been reviewed by magazines and publications which are on display on this website. We are proud to say that we have the most innovative product, best built product and the highest quality product in the industry. Some find it confusing as to how we do it and still charge less than our competition. The answer is: better design, simplicity and quantity manufacturing. Our designers are automation engineers with over 50 years of combined experience in the industrial automation industry.



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Easy Feeder II From High Noon Products

Basic Model


The Easy Feeder II Automatic Horse Feeder has the simplest Controller module ever developed for this type of product. Just set the time, set which times of day you want to feed, press OK and you are done. The Controller will let you know when it needs batteries. By pressing a button you can check battery status anytime. Our designers are automation engineers with over 50 years of combined experience in the industrial automation industry. Easy Feeder II From High Noon Products $2299


All components in our Automatic Horse Feeders are made with laser accuracy. Our steel is cut with lasers and formed on CNC Forming tools. Plastics are formed automatically on Robotic Vacuum forming equipment. Controllers are manufactured to the highest standards in the industry. At High Noon Products we take pride in our equipment and it is made in the USA.

What You Think

  • “ My horses are happier and healthier. They get fed at exactly the same time every day. It is a great relief to know they are taken care of no matter where I am. The Easy Feeder is an amazing product!” -Doctor Richard Burrhus
    Grass Valley, CA

  • “I love them! I have had the Easy Feeder four years now and they work everytime. Highly recommended!” -Tony and Linda Betschart
    Modesto, CA

  • “ I have had my Easy Feeders for several years and would never think of parting with them. Im absolutly in love!” -Katie Guilliat

    Penn Valley, CA

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