Glen (President and Inventor)


Being an inventor and having an extensive engineering background in the automation process, I invented the Easy Feeder II. As a Senior Automation Manager at Apple Computers in Fremont and now 20 years experience running my own automation company here in Grass Valley I was up to the task!. A friend of mine asked me to solve a need and I did! Linda and I were in Northern California visiting when the conversation came up regarding feeding their horses. They said it was getting harder and harder to go down and back up the hill to feed every morning and evening. It was even worse when it snowed or was raining! Though our friends could see the horses from the house they still needed to go feed. They was posed the question “Couldn’t you invent an automatic horse feeder?” So the process began and the Easy Feeder was invented and available for use by anyone owning a horse!


Sarah (Public Relations)


My whole life I have been obsessed with anything horses. When I was about 10 yrs old I even had horse wallpaper in my bedroom. When I was 13 I owned my first horse. He was an Arabian chestnut and a dream come true. At 16 I purchased my lesson horse who was what I believe my soul mate. When he passed away I was devastated and stopped riding all together for about 6 years. November of last year another dream came true and I attended an equine college in West Virginia. A time I will never forget. When I came home in April of 2014, I was so excited to be working with my parents at their company High Noon Products. I know I will help this company to reach its full potential with my understanding and experience with equine world. I am overjoyed to be a part of this amazing product!


Linda (Sales & CFO)


Seeing I have always had a good head for numbers I went into bookkeeping.  After 10 years and a child later I decided I wanted to be home with my boy and have another child, so I started a bookkeeping service!  I was able to raise my children and earn a much needed income. When they became older I closed my service and started working for my husband’s business.  He is the inventor of the Easy Feeder II!  That is what lead me here today.  I devote my spare time to family and friends because I truly love making people happy!