This rugged feeder is easy to load, requiring only minutes every other day. Imagine your horse getting fed while you are at work. Every day on time. Morning, Noon, Night. Equine Veterinarians agree that a normal schedule of feeding at least three times a day is a much healthier schedule. By feeding more often and on a schedule you can help reduce stress, the common cause of cribbing, huffing, rocking, pacing and pawing.

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High Noon Products can provide economical financing with zero percent APR. Our Easy Feeder II is only $2299.00 It comes mostly pre-assembled, the chute attaches with 4 bolts, which are provided. The Feed chute can face front or rear of the machine, you decide your need.

We have had success with the treatment of Equine Metabolic Syndrome by providing multiple feedings a day.

The Easy Feeder II Automatic Horse Feeder has the simplest Controller module ever developed for this type of product. Just set the time, set which times of day you want to feed, press OK and you are done. Our designers are automation engineers with over 50 years of combined experience in the industrial automation industry. Easy Feeder II From High Noon Products $2299

The Easy Feeder II is a rugged simple feeder that has 6 shelves. Even though most owners feed 2 to 3 times a day it will allow feeding up to 6 times a day. It is built out of 18 gauge galvanized steel. All corners are radiused and smooth to prevent injury to animals. The trays and top are vacuum formed ABS plastic. Each tray has enough of a dish to allow up to 5 pounds of grain, pellets, supplements or hay to be dispensed at any given time. The simplicity of this automatic horse feeder is really amazing. It is battery powered and can be installed inside, outside or anywhere.

The batteries only need to be replaced every 9 months and are just D cell coppertop flashlight batteries. The patented controller will allow you to set a schedule to automatically feed your horses. All you do is lift the shelves and load them with your preferred feed.

All components in our Automatic Horse Feeders are made with laser accuracy. Our steel is cut with lasers and formed on CNC forming tools. Plastics are formed automatically on Robotic Vacuum forming equipment. Controllers are manufactured to the highest standards in the industry. At High Noon Products we take pride in our equipment and it is made in the USA.



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